ONE Thing You Have to Do Before Using Your Rigid Heddle Loom

You’ve made an investment, so don’t ignore this tried and true time-saving advice.

Picture this:

You’re sitting on the floor, huddled over a wooden contraption straight out of the Mousetrap. But instead of plastic parts that kids jam together, you’ve got a bunch of wooden limbs that ~eventually~ fit together after hours of coaxing. You had to lay the individual pieces out and rub furniture wax into every square inch of their surfaces. Then you had to attach gears and levers and these things called pawls.

When it’s finally time to put this sensitive (and expensive) tool to work you’re certainly not in the mood to waste time figuring out how to fix the rookie mistakes you’ll no doubt make. You just want to weave.

You just want that rhythmic repetition.

You just want to make something.

So before you warp your rigid heddle loom I highly, highly suggest you spend some time checking out Liz Gipson’s Yarnworker, “a space to discover all that the rigid heddle loom has to offer, including helpful FAQs, resource lists, terms to know,” and more. Content is available in the form of blog posts, videos and even a newsletter.

Learn from my experience and avoid time-consuming mistakes in every step from warping to finishing.

I pinkie-promise you’re not taking the easy way out of a noble but seriously impractical ‘trial-by-error’ phase of learning. You will have a lifetime to puzzle out the complexities involved in designing and weaving with the rigid heddle loom. Just ask Tien Chiu!

I was so excited to start weaving, and so sure that I didn’t know the right terminology to ask questions, that I didn’t even try. Had I executed a single Google search I might have found Yarnworker’s shining light in the dark, wordless terror of inexperience.

Trust me when I tell you: this website is not another shallow blog with a clickbait title promising to solve all your problems. Gipson takes a deep dive into multiple workarounds, what-if scenarios, calculations, and more. She includes photos, stories about personal experiences and doesn’t hesitate to deliver references she, herself, uses.

As of the day this post is being written, Yarnworker’s last article was published in late November, 2020 and there’s a virtual event scheduled for early April, 2021. It looks active and the site navigation is beautifully approachable, so before you warp your first rigid heddle loom . . .

. . . check out Yarnworker!

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